Why Do We Need Legal Systems?

Laws are rules that bind all people living in a community. They protect our general safety and ensure our rights as citizens against abuses by other people, organizations, and the government itself.

Without laws, we would be left to fend for ourselves in every situation. We wouldn’t have any protection from others who might seek to take advantage of us or do us harm. Our lives would be chaotic and dangerous without legal systems. 

It can be hard to imagine a world without laws because most of us were raised knowing about them and obeying them from an early age. But there was once a time when there were no written laws at all! People had customs instead. 

This meant that everyone did things differently depending on where they lived or who their parents were. This made it impossible for anyone but those closest to you (like family members) to know what your expectations were or how you should behave towards others.

If someone broke one of the customs, there were consequences without knowing that the person did something wrong because he was never aware of the customs. But before the person knew, it would be too late.

Imagine if this was still true today. Wouldn’t it make sense for everyone around you to follow some basic rules and learn about them from an early age to know what they should do and what they shouldn’t?

Everyone needs to understand how they work to make sure they continue working well into the future. Laws are so important that we have them for every aspect of life, from how we drive to what we eat.

There are many different types of laws. Some are federal, some state, and others might be local. It’s important to know what type of law you’re dealing with regarding legal matters. Without these rules, it would be challenging for us to live together in peace.

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