Time Tracker By eBility

Time Tracker is a timekeeping program developed by eBillity that may be utilized by company teams of varying sizes. A straightforward and inexpensive method for keeping track of staff hours worked in order to process payroll, send out invoices to customers, and monitor overall productivity. 

You are able to easily manage the hours worked by your employees in any circumstance thanks to the flexible time tracking options and the customizable settings. You can start a timer from any device, clock in when you arrive at work, add time in blocks using the weekly timesheet, or create a schedule and share it with your team. 


In general, making use of it has been made relatively simple since that time. I have a favorable opinion of the applications that boost the efficiency of the team as well as the reputation of our company. Continue to add more functionality. The overall rating is 4.4.


I have been contributing to the ongoing initiatives that the team is working on with them. Keeping tabs on each and every activity was becoming increasingly difficult. The moment I started utilizing a time tracker, I had a much simpler time keeping track of everything, and my workflow became much more streamlined. Strongly suggested as an option.


I can’t think of any drawbacks. However, I do have some recommendations to help increase the number of users. They ought to lower their prices, and they have a lot of work to do in terms of billing and invoicing. 


  • The time records are very straightforward to interpret and use. Amazingly, the weekly timesheets may be seen in a calendar format as well.
  • I really like employing its use on a regular basis. Extremely easy and comfortable to use.
  • How simple it is to use, I adore the autosave that is automated, and the fact that you can copy week to week without spending any additional time on it is incredibly helpful as I work on numerous projects and stages at once.
  • I was rather fond of the timing, as well as the timing of any task. In terms of both its speed and its performance, it was a really satisfying overall experience.


  • Therefore, if the user is going to input non-billable time, they will always see a confusing error notice. This is until they go to the final item on the mobile app and toggle off billable before entering the time.
  • The invoicing capability that TimeTracker offers did not satisfy our requirements, and the fact that we were unable to monitor which time entries were invoiced and which were not caused a significant amount of administrative stress for us.
  • I despise the fact that you are unable to alter content after you have submitted it for hours.
  • There is not a single item about this program that I find to be unsatisfactory.

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