Three Reasons Why Client Portal Software Is a Good Idea For Law Firms

There are always pockets of opportunity in times of uncertainty. This appears to be the convergence of the epidemic with recent advances in legal technology for the legal profession. In response, intelligent businesses are increasing their tech adoption strategies in order to compete in a digital-only environment.

Using client portal software is a concrete technique to initiate your firm’s goal. Even if you haven’t encountered it before, it’s probable that you may in the near future, especially with more attorneys working remotely and more clients desiring to avoid in-office meetings.

But what is a client portal exactly? A client portal is software that enables you, as an attorney, to engage and collaborate with your clients in a secure online environment. As long as the customer has an Internet connection, they may log in to your firm’s client portal and do a variety of functions, including sharing and reviewing documents and sending messages. And you may do so as well.

Client portals have become the de facto method of engaging with and connecting with clients for many businesses. It enables individuals to study information whenever and wherever they choose. Although the advantages of utilizing client portals are almost unlimited, some are more significant than others.

1. Client Portals Facilitate And Protect Attorney-client Contact

What does a client do if they need to reach their attorney? Deliver an email? Contact the company’s front desk. In certain instances, a client will attempt all of these strategies, leaving the attorney with little choice but to react to each one.

By offering a secure space for clients and attorneys to connect, client portal software for law firms may solve this issue. This has several advantages:

  • More secure than email, the top client portals protect attorney-client discussions and shared documents with superior protection. Even if you take great care to safeguard your firm’s email accounts, there is no assurance that your clients are taking the same precautions on their end. With secure client portals, not only are conversations encrypted but both ends are also safeguarded.
  • Better and more efficient communication: With a centralized location, client portals simplify matters for attorneys since they no longer need to monitor different contact channels (i.e., email, cell phone, direct line, voicemail). And by putting everything in one location, responsiveness is enhanced.
  • When utilizing client portals, clients do not have to guess the most efficient approach to reach their attorney. They send their message to the same location where the attorney responds. No longer will we engage in a game of telephone tag in an attempt to contact one another.
  • Simply put, client portals are beneficial for clients and attorneys alike.

However, if you are concerned about the technical knowledge required to develop a client portal, you need not worry. There are enterprise-level systems that have user-friendly client portals. They are ready to use out of the box, so you do not need a background in engineering or coding to get started.

2. Secure Client Portals Are The New ‘Lobbies’ For Firms

If the COVID-19 epidemic has taught businesses anything, it is that physical office sites and elaborate corporate lobbies are not nearly as essential as they once were. Clients want not to be required to attend every meeting in person. They desire the ease provided by client portals. And if clients regard your company as out of date, they may reconsider doing business with you.

As the attorney-client connection continues to exist online, however, you must ensure that your client portal seems professional, hence instilling confidence in the firm. Considering that your client portal may be the major site where clients engage with your company, it should be aesthetically pleasing.

3. Client Portal Login Is Available 24 Hours a Day

And speaking of interaction, it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients may access, evaluate, and offer input on all case-related documents at any time of day or night.

Client portals provide clients with on-demand access so they may remain updated without contacting you directly.

Make The Best Choice For Your Firm

Recognizing that your company requires a customer portal is a simple step. Now comes the difficult part: figuring out how to do the task.

Today’s legal firms have access to a variety of technologies, including secure client portals, so you have several possibilities. Ultimately, your first priority should be locating the solution that best meets the demands of your organization.

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