This Is The New Normal When It Comes To Office Attendance At Biglaw Firms


office welcome back signFor firms that were not feeling comfortable with a mandate, they would say enough of our peers are doing it. The people who are mandating will look at it and say we aren’t the only ones.

— Thomas Fulcher, vice chair, mid-Atlantic lead and director at Savills, in comments given to the American Lawyer, on the company’s new Legal Tenant Practice Group survey, which revealed that 34% of firms have mandated attendance for three days a week, while another 33% “encourage” attendance three days a week. Just 7% of firms have mandated attendance of two days a week, and another 15% encourage attendance two days a week. Finally, 7% of firms encourage attendance with no set number of days, while no respondents to the Savills survey encourage or mandate attendance one or four days a week.

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