Ten Self-Defense Gadgets You Must Have

Learning martial arts can take a lot of time and energy, but you can improve your self-defense capabilities without having to worry about training. These 10 self-defense gadgets you must have, will help you level up your self-defense game and give you the ultimate peace of mind. 

1. Ideal Conceal 

Ideal conceal is designed to be super small and still have a lot of kick behind it. It is perfect for discreet protection when you’re going about your day. Ideal conceal allows you to head out in public without worrying about worrying anyone.

It’s the size of a wallet and turns from an inconspicuous little device to a double-barrel 380 Derringer that you can use when you or people around you are in danger. You can store the ideal conceal in a pocket or purse, so you can easily reach it. It’ll pretty much store anywhere you feel like putting thanks to its size.

When it’s collapsed the gun is completely safe and won’t go off accidentally adding an extra element of safety to everything else that it has to offer. It’s easy to use and deploy, with beginners quickly picking it up without any training. If you want protection that won’t draw any unnecessary attention then the ideal conceal is perfect for you.

2. Nimb

The nimb is a stylish ring that doubles as a panic button, instantly sending an alert whenever you feel like you’re in danger. All you have to do to activate your nimb is deep press the panic button and it immediately sends out an alert that can be acted upon, to keep you safe and give you complete peace of mind. 

The companion app adds a lot of additional features and customizations, letting you manage alerts and responders. Along with providing critical information like GPS location, it can be tied to 911, calling them as it sends an alert. It has built-in safety precautions to prevent accidental alerts when nothing is wrong. 

The rechargeable battery lasts for two weeks of nonstop use, and the device, along with its panic button, is incredibly discreet. The button is recessed to prevent accidental pushes and also provides tactile feedback by vibrating to alert you that it’s been pressed. 

If you do accidentally trigger an alert you can cancel it within 30 seconds to prevent an alert from being sent. You can choose to alert emergency services, friends, and family, and even alert other nimb users who happen to be nearby.

3. Bolawrap

Bolawrap is a handheld remote restraint device that fires an eight-foot-long bola tether towards any target. The tether is made from durable Kevlar and travels at a rate of 513 feet per second until it hits its intended target. The effective range is around 10 to 25 feet, meaning that you can stop any attacker before they even get close.

It can also prevent criminals or other troublemakers from escaping or stopping them dead in their tracks. Cartridges can be loaded in anywhere between three to eight seconds on average, and the tethers are fired with the aid of a 380 partial charge blank. 

The cord wraps around the subject about one to three times, using little harpoons to firmly attach itself to their clothing.

4. Salt Pepper Spray 

Salt pepper spray gun starter kit combines the accuracy of a handgun with the power of pepper spray, allowing you to have your very own pepper-spraying handgun. It’s great at shooting longer distances than average pepper spray canisters. This is a common self-defense device that you can carry all the time, whether you are an ordinary person or a celebrity with personal bodyguard.

It’s effective at distances of over 150 feet and projectiles create a five-foot cloud of pepper spray around the target on impact. They travel at 320 feet per second so they can do some real damage, improving their ability to prevent an attacker from getting too close.

5. Zap

This set of stun knuckles is five inches long and weighs five ounces, so it can easily be carried around in its holster without issue. It has a safety switch with an LED indicator, so you don’t accidentally zap yourself. It has a rubber-coated grip for increased ergonomics and comfort. 

Ideal for walkers and joggers, Zap is perfect for anyone who’s looking to carry around a little extra protection that can safely incapacitate a target without seriously injuring them. This stun gun can pump a target with 950,000 volts of electricity. One blast is enough to keep them from coming back for more. 

6. Tiger lady 

This self-defense claw certainly lives up to its name, providing excellent protection while looking badass at the same time. It was given its name because its mechanism was modeled after a cat’s retractable claws. This tool is made of high-impact plastic, making it shock-absorbent and durable, protecting you from hurting yourself while also providing maximum impact. 

There are even channels built into the claws that are meant to scratch your opponent, collecting their DNA, for easy analysis later on. So you don’t even need to see their face to find them and bring them to justice. 

The claws are non-lethal and weigh less than two ounces so you can take them with you everywhere. Even though they can’t kill a person, these claws can still cause a lot of damage. They will give you added peace of mind knowing that you can handle any threatening situation by grabbing your Tiger lady self-defense claw and fighting back. 

The Tiger lady requires no maintenance and has no need for recharging, so it’s always ready to go at a moment’s notice and will last a lifetime. Being small, you can stow it anywhere on your person until you need it, making it quite handy to be sure.

7. Taser Pulse Plus 

Taser Pulse Plus is a powerful taser that’s kitted out with all sorts of additional features making it immensely useful in a variety of situations. It’s safe to own and legal to carry around with you, even if it’s concealed. This unique taser has a tactical flashlight built-in, letting you see even in low light conditions or when there’s no light at all. 

It has an easily attachable and detachable 15-foot cartridge for easy reloading and unloading on the fly and a targeting laser allows you to hit your mark with pinpoint precision every single time. Angled iron sights further improve your accuracy with a slope trigger guard adding extra levels of ergonomic comfort for easier and more effective use. 

This also makes discreet holstering much easier. The shave safeties are easy to use and stay in place as you go about your day, to prevent any unfortunate misfires. They also help to eliminate poking when you’re holstering or unholstering your taser pulse plots. Similarly, the angled iron sights are designed to prevent snagging or catching. 

This is a self-defense gadget worth picking up and it’s able to put down people coming at you from a distance, keeping you out of harm’s way. 

8. Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket is sleek and discreet, doubling as a phone case while also packing one hell of a punch if anyone tries to cause you any trouble. That’s because this phone case is also a working stun gun that can also be detached when you want to carry it around, making it infinitely adaptable and functional. 

The case itself is constructed from hard, durable plastic to protect your phone. This is made even better thanks to the addition of a rechargeable battery embedded in the case which doubles the battery life of your phone, keeping you connected even when you’re unable to charge up. 

It’s also waterproof and shockproof, keeping you and your phone safe no matter what. There’s even a companion app that lets you connect your Yellow Jacket to your device, tapping into all sorts of useful information. 

A Yellow Jacket stun gun is one of the most powerful stun guns available on the commercial market and will scare off anyone threatening or attacking you. A set of LEDs indicates various states such as battery level and charging states. 

If safety is a priority then the yellow jacket will be right up your alley, offering discreet protection that’s built to last.

9. Instafire

This handy gadget embeds a pepper spray canister in a glove, giving you extra accuracy while also ensuring that your spray can can’t ever be knocked out of your hand. This keeps you safe while you’re out and about. 

It’s perfect for hikers or campers as well as people who need to walk through rough areas at night. It’s also great for joggers and cyclists. The sleeve is designed to be non-abrasive and comfortable, keeping the pepper spray in place, even if someone tries to grab it or otherwise knock it out of your hands. 

They use a tension fabric polyester that ergonomically conforms to your hand, resisting things like rain, dust, and snow. That being said it’s still extremely breathable and absorbent when it needs to be keeping your hand dry and cool. 

The twist-top pepper spray is powerful and easy to use, remaining safe until it’s activated so it doesn’t accidentally get set off, and has an effective firing range of 16 feet. 

The best part is that, if you use your pepper spray, the company will replace your canister for free. Effectively hooking you up with pepper spray for life, within reason, of course.

10. Fast Strike

The Fast strike FS 14 is an impressive self-defense gadget that lets you easily and quickly strike back against an attacker. It allows for a range strike and also works great in close quarters. The entire tool only weighs around three ounces, making it very portable with the baton, also doubling as a strap, that lets you securely fasten it to your belt loop or anything else you’d like to keep it off. 

To use the tool simply unhook the strap and you can start wielding it as a weapon. It’s got a surprising amount of kick and is a mini baton that’s capable of dealing as much damage as its larger counterparts.

The Fast Strike also has an iteration that includes a window-breaking tool on the handle, allowing you to easily break windows or glass without having to worry about harming yourself or using other specialized tools.

You can take the Fast Strike with you wherever you happen to be. It gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can handle even the most difficult situations and fend off any would-be attackers. 

The Fast Strike is even built to be concealed underneath clothing, giving your attacker the added element of surprise if you happen to get into a rough situation.

These are the ten self-defense gadgets you must check out.