‘Stalkerish’ Behavior Is Not The Way To Sell Your Legal Tech Product: Real Talk From A CLO



In this episode, I interview Jenny Hamilton, Chief Legal Officer at Exterro. We discuss Hamilton’s journey into the legal profession, her experiences with e-discovery, and her perspective on being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

Hamilton shares her insights on evolving the legal industry, with a focus on finding balance in gender representation and adapting legal technology to the increasing privacy regulations and rising volumes of data that today’s legal departments face. She emphasizes the importance of trusting oneself and one’s instincts in both personal and professional life.


The Jabot podcast is an offshoot of the Above the Law brand focused on the challenges women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and other diverse populations face in the legal industry. Our name comes from none other than the Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the jabot (decorative collar) she wore when delivering dissents from the bench. It’s a reminder that even when we aren’t winning, we’re still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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