Morning Docket: 04.14.23


* Somehow the Clarence Thomas ethical morass got worse. [ProPublica]

* Biglaw firms consider recapturing the magic of lockdown profits by severely curtailing travel for in-person meetings. Yeah, that’s what the clients want in 2023… firms to Zoom them to save $5K. [American Lawyer]

* Liberals claim calls for Dianne Feinstein to resign are “sexist.” Which is exactly what the same liberals said about calls for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign and how did that work out for you? [Bloomberg Law News]

* SCOTUS refuses to halt student debt settlement involving schools that the government characterized as functional diploma mills. Don’t worry, they’re still on track to strike down the student debt settlement that could help the most people. [Reuters]

* Former client is “batshit crazy” says attorney. I don’t know about this specific client, but there’s a generalizable ring of truth to this. [Law360]

* DeSantis signs 6-week abortion law which, as political mistakes go, is right up there with “pissing off Disney.” [AP]

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