Morning Docket: 04.07.23


* Quite the headline… “The poop emoji: a legal history” [Verge]

* Supreme Court refuses call to allow West Virginia to ban transgender athletes. Biden administration jumps in to push for that ban. We’ve entered the era where the Biden administration is trying to push to the right of this Supreme Court… what a time to be alive. [Reuters]

* Speaking of the Supreme Court, Idaho moves ahead with its slap in the face of full, faith, and credit so expect to see them at the Court real soon. [Washington Post]

* The easiest way to make sure wrongfully injured people never get justice is to disincentivize lawyers from pursuing those claims. And a bipartisan effort in Congress seeks to do just that over Camp Lejeune. [National Law Journal]

* Real Housewife owes real attorneys’ fees. A lot of them. [Daily Beast]

* When Boies Schiller started shrinking and outlets preached doom and gloom, we suggested that the firm might be transitioning to a smaller but more focused firm instead of trying to be all things to all people. Well… profits per partner are up. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Microsoft penalized for selling to sanctioned parties in Russia. But viewed another way, they’ve kept those evil entities mired in buggy software, so in a sense isn’t this a patriotic service? [Law360]

* Law firms eyeing Southeast as hotbed for growth. Break out the seersucker! [American Lawyer]

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