Morning Docket: 03.31.23


* Ron DeSantis announces that he won’t allow Trump to be extradited to New York. Welcome to the phase of American decline where Florida is basically Somalia. [Politico]

* Speaking of DeSantis, some more on the Disney fiasco with a nice pull quote! [LA Times]

* And now more on the Trump situation… Elie Mystal explaining that statutes of limitations are a thing. [The Nation]

* Wells Fargo to pay $98 million in sanctions for deals with Iran, Syria, and Sudan. The wrongdoing began in predecessor entity Wachovia, who apparently failed to WATCH-OVIA its compliance. I’ll show myself out. [Law360]

* Biglaw profits are down after a gangbusters 2021. Maybe firms should drop the draconian office surveillance policies and go back to working from home when they were profitable. [American Lawyer]

* Senators eye guardianship bill of rights so people will officially have to leave Britney alone — and all the other people who didn’t have her access to elite lawyering. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Italy banning ChatGPT citing privacy regulations, which seems like it’s going to be more of a thing. [Verge]

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