Morning Docket: 03.06.23 – Above the LawAbove the Law


ooma phone* Sam Bankman-Fried allowed to carry flip phone. Cue the Eighth Amendment. Just give him a rotary phone and be done with it. [Reuters]

* Former inspector general revisits the Supreme Court’s “oops, I mean, we talked to the justices ‘about’ the investigation but I cannot say that they were part ‘of’ the investigation” effort, and ruminates on how unbelievably inept this is. [The Atlantic]

* George Conway is getting a divorce from Kellyanne confirming that marriage requires more than one person with a foot in reality. [CNN]

* Starbucks’ labor troubles have gone from venti to cento. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Law360 continues to be laser-focused on the former NY Chief Judge Janet DiFiore beat, uncovering seemingly misleading testimony used to justify her multimillion-dollar publicly funded security detail. [Law360]

* A collection of crazy law firm merchandise. [LegalCheek]


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