Morning Docket: 01.20.23 – Above the LawAbove the Law


trump glum

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

* All right everyone. Let’s use our Dr. Evil voices: frivolous lawsuit earns Donald Trump sanction of… one MILLION dollars! Or $937K at least. [NY Times]

* If he’s interested in pushing his luck, his lawsuit against his niece is still going. [Courthouse News Service]

* South Texas Law Houston and Roger Williams Law have both withdrawn support for the USNWR rankings. Without that precious data, how will U.S. News know to keep placing them in the bottom tier? []

* Musk likely to take the stand today in Tesla trial. Facing questions from people he can’t suspend? It’s a whole new world out there. [Reuters]

* The trifecta of going hardcore anti-reproductive freedom AND trafficking in rape apologist tropes (women’s testimony means “unsupported”) AND demanding the Court’s 1A & 2A rules be suspended solely for right-wing justices in the same column? Chef’s kiss. [Washington Post]

* And Orrick will merge with Buckley. [Bloomberg]


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