Massive EDiscovery Provider Shut Down Over ‘Unauthorized Access’


Close up view of burning laptopIf you’re using RICOH eDiscovery, hopefully your clients aren’t facing any rapidly approaching deadlines requiring a lot of furious review this week. Because RICOH went down yesterday afternoon and — as of an hour ago — isn’t back up yet.

It started with an email blasted to customers Wednesday.

Valued customer,

On December 28, Ricoh learned that there may have been unauthorized access to the domain controller for our eDiscovery Services. In an abundance of caution, and for your protection, we have decided to disable external access while we investigate further.

Discovery vendors store massive amounts of sensitive material so they must take any potential hack seriously. But customers have reviewers sitting around doing nothing while the discovery clock ticks. A tipster reports that “According to my conversations with representatives, they have no idea when access will be restored,” adding a layer of opacity to an already stressful situation.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon, but it’s another reminder that cyber risks loom around every corner.

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