It Takes Two To Tango, And DLA Piper Just Danced Away With A Fleet Of Attorneys

DLA-PIPERLaterals are like small-scale acquisitions. One person over here, a person over there, a bit of paperwork and a conflict check — routine stuff. But every now and again, laterals are an exceptional part of doing business. This is one of those times. From The Recorder:

DLA Piper has completed the hiring of a more than 50-person intellectual property team from Dentons on the West Coast, with six partners, along with 24 other lawyers, six agents and technical advisers and 15 professional staff.

The group is led by partner Peter Yim, along with partners Christopher Eide, Brian Ho, Randy Omid, Michael Swett and Parker Kuhl, who joined the firm in the last few weeks. The overall team is primarily based in DLA’s San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Seattle offices.

Much of the team has been together for more than a decade, focused on serving a Fortune 5 software company client on patent strategy and procurement. The group also brings extensive experience in patent litigation and support and analysis for various corporate transactions.

Now that’s a big group lateral hire! Getting to work at a new firm can be rough, but I’m sure having a dream team of folks you’ve been billing with for a decade will help ease the growing pains. It is nice to read a feel good story about a group of Biglaw lawyers who actually enjoy working with each other. I’d take this story over a partner calling me a “f**king piece of sh*t worthless human” any day.

DLA Piper Takes 30-Lawyer IP Team From Dentons on the West Coast [The Recorder]

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