How To File Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer?

A personal injury claim can be settled without the need for a lawyer. Insurance companies can represent you in negotiations with the opposing party and may reach an agreement that you are satisfied with. This is frequently the case in car accident cases. You can also personally negotiate a settlement with the other party, though this is not recommended because you may end up agreeing to a far lower amount.

Small claims can certainly be handled without the assistance of a lawyer. Small claims mainly cover the pain and suffering caused by minor injuries. According to the Florida Courts, small claims are those with a value of less than $8,000, excluding court costs and attorney fees. Anything more than that would be regarded as a substantial claim. Most small claims are settled out of court by insurance companies or through arbitration, with far lower expenses than a large claim.

If you cannot reach an acceptable settlement with your insurance company, you may pursue legal action. Having a lawyer on your side is usually advantageous. A competent personal injury attorney may be able to get you a larger settlement and claim damages you weren’t aware of. 

When negotiating with the opposing insurance company, an insurance adjuster will do everything possible to decrease the amount of money you can receive, including disparaging your claim and even seeking damages against you. Having good legal representation protects you against an insurance company that just has its interests in mind.

The cost of claiming in Florida’s civil courts varies by county. Personal injury claim forms often range in price from $100 to $400. There are also court costs to consider, and if the case goes to a jury trial, you need to pay the juror costs. A court case’s total cost can be in the hundreds of dollars.

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