How Matter Management Tech Can Get Wins For Your Team


ATL-Legal-Tech-Non-Event-Promo-Image-1b-editYou know what matters most to lawyers? Matters.

I know that’s a little redundant, but matters are the organizing principle for everything a lawyer does.

So, it’s pretty damn important to select an effective matter management tool, wouldn’t you say?

Well, we think so. And, that’s why we invited Rob Stote of Big Hand into the Non-Eventcast arena, so we could talk to him about how matter and legal spend management softwares can move law firms and legal departments forward.

We’ve got your deep dive into matter management right here; don’t forget your swimming cap! (And while you’re here, feel free to check out Above the Law and LegalTech publishing’s Legal Operations: Matter & Spend Management Buyer’s Guide and Non-Event section.)

Jared Correia, a consultant and legal technology expert, is the host of the Non-Eventcast, the featured podcast of the Above the Law Non-Event for Tech-Perplexed Lawyers. 


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