Game-Changing Research Tool By NetDocuments and LexisNexis

Highlights, powered by LexisNexis®, combines NetDocuments with LexisNexis case analysis and intelligence technology, giving attorneys access to legal research, entity, and precedent data directly from their papers. Highlights greatly speed up the preparation process, assist in producing documents that are more effective, save time on research and due diligence, and eventually result in arguments that are more strategic.

Aspects That Will Affect Your Practice

Lawyers can conduct research without leaving the current brief, motion, or document they are working on by using NetDocuments Highlights. Parties, entities, and citations are automatically shown in a side panel by Highlights. Getting up to speed on the case law, opposing counsel, and parties to the action is important with this. Legal teams may create a strategy and play to the strengths, trends, and possibilities given by entity extraction from documents.

Users of Highlights may rapidly assess every reference using Shepard’s SignalTM indications to see if it is neutral or damaging to an argument. Furthermore, Highlights authority continues after the pleading is filed. A court will frequently request a copy of any cases that are cited in a motion or brief. Links to citations inside a pleading are always available to attorneys because of Highlights.

Additionally, Highlights is not only for lawyers. Due diligence for deals is simple when you have the capacity to recognize firms in your paperwork. You may access a plethora of LexisNexis data with just one click, including SEC filings, analyst studies from Gartner and Forrester, financial data from Dun & Bradstreet, and news articles from reputable publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, being able to use the six distinct extracted entity types in Highlights (companies, attorneys, firms, judges, expert witnesses, and case citations) in conjunction with NetDocuments’ robust search engine gives your company strong information management capabilities. 

Finding out in-depth information about potential adversaries, judges, and expert witnesses is quick. Associates may easily catch up on pertinent case law, particular issues, or a topic you’re addressing by using this entity information and the citation data displayed inside the context of your documents.

It is a first-of-its-kind capability to begin and complete crucial legal research work from inside NetDocuments. This kind of workflow solution helps law firms be more productive and efficient. Highlights enable lawyers to concentrate on winning tactics, improving client care, and creating new business possibilities for the firm.

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