Forget ChatGPT, Let The Robots Take Over Your Billing


940051Everyone’s trying to figure out how the computers will take over the legal profession. But before handing the client over to the droids, consider the more straightforward tasks that lawyers assign to technology.

It’s not next generation AI, but MyCase and LawPay offer a Smart Time Finder to passively track activities done within MyCase. And lest you think you’re a smarter than the computer when it comes to tracking your time, MyCase has run the numbers and… you’re not.

It turns out MyCase customers who used the Smart Time Finder managed to capture 579,665 additional hours in 2022, three times more than they got in 2021. And those hours add up:

Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.33.55 PM

Per lawyer, that works out to an extra 64 hours of billable time, which works out to an additional $22,425 invoiced.

Don’t let pride get in the way of your money. Let the machines lend a hand.

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