Biglaw Firm’s Chair Compares Associates To ‘Elite Athletes’

lawyer-race-compete-associate-race-to-partnership-300×200All elite athletes understand, you work hard and then you recover. That is part of high performance. We are conscious that our people are working hard, and that it is a tough, all-in kind of commitment. We want our people to have time to both recover and reflect.

Mitch Zuklie, chairman and chief executive officer of Orrick, in comments given to the American Lawyer concerning the firm’s performance last year, and why its associates and staff members are deserving of a break. “It was an excellent year for us, strategically and financially,” Zuklie said. “It was our second year of record-setting revenue. It was also a year of head count growth. We attracted a lateral class that was our strongest ever in terms of quality and fit.” Orrick also merged with Buckley in January, capping off a very successful year in 2022.

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