Anyone Working For Elon Musk (Or Anyone Else For That Matter) Should Probably Run Their Contracts Through This Right Now


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Remember when Elon Musk was a gilded boy wonder who could do no wrong? Yeah, neither do we. After mortally botching the merger agreement to make his online goof into a $44B reality, Musk enjoyed the greatest destruction of wealth in human history. Twitter’s transition to a TaaS company (Trolling as a Service) has hemorrhaged cash and users, while Musk has gone around trying to publicly fire a guy with muscular dystrophy for doing “no actual work.”

As you might imagine… this did not work out for Elon.


Most Twitter employees do not enjoy a $100 million severance clause. But there are a lot of Twitter employees getting laid off and Twitter has made some promises about severance that are, shall we say, not materializing at the moment.

Since everyone at Twitter exists in a modified Schrödinger’s Cat scenario as both employed and unemployed until the probability wave collapses upon the 50-50 shot of Musk approving of the latest Bored Ape, now might be a good time to discover what’s really in your contracts.

As it happens, Zuva, the artificial intelligence-driven contract analysis tool, just dropped a new option this week that can help employees — at Twitter or anywhere else — figure that out. And it’s totally free! Zuva created a widget allowing folks to drag over a contract and leverage the technology behind Zuva’s commercial grade tools. Here’s a version for severance agreements.

There’s a whole set up to this announcement video that you can check out, but this embed jumps to a bit where you can quickly see the product in action:

While law firms ultimately will want the more robust version, there’s a lot of marketing potential in the free option. Put out a post about, say, “things you should know about non-compete agreements” and let potential clients run their contracts through and decide, “oh, wow, I really need to call this lawyer now.”

Presumably, Halli Thorleifsson was well aware of the $100 million severance clause in his deal, but most folks don’t know as much about what’s in their deals. Those are the folks who might sit on their rights out of ignorance. Artificial intelligence might not be replacing lawyers any time soon, but it might be a good way of connecting lawyers to clients.

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