Almost A Century In The Making: Herrick, Feinstein Selects Its First Female Executive Chair


678047Long considered a boys’ club, there have been an increasing number of women who are joining the legal community. There are clear strides — female law students students outnumber their male cohort and there are signs of cracks in the glass ceiling. Knowing that there are people like you in the places you want to be is a powerful force. Aspiring lawyers just gained a new point of reference to show that they can call the shots too. From the American Lawyer:

Executive committee members at Herrick, Feinstein have tapped Belinda Schwartz, chair of the firm’s real estate department, to lead the firm as executive chair.

Schwartz is succeeding Irwin Kishner, who served as executive chair since 2010. Schwartz becomes the first woman to lead the Am Law Second Hundred firm in its 95-year history.

“It’s a good time for others, whether they are women or other people who don’t necessarily see a path up the chain, to really believe that it can be done,” Schwartz said in an interview. “It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of luck, but it can be done. I hope it’s helpful to women and others to realize that they can succeed at the top.”

Here are some of her goals for the firm:

As executive chair, Schwartz said her priorities are to ensure lawyers at the firm provide “exceptional” services to clients while continuing to grow profits and maintaining a positive firm culture.

With the accolade sheet she has, these read as easy goals to meet. She’s spent the last 25 years advising clients on major financial decisions and has had her hands in some of New York’s largest development projects. Congratulations!

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